The Best American Infographics – Information conveyed in a fun, visual, and highly digestible way

"Put information in the right visual form and your audience will immediately get the gist." – Gareth Cook

In the new world of smart phones and hyper media that floods our waking hours with incessant information, it's sometimes hard to focus on an article that's longer than a couple of paragraphs. This is where infographics come in. Rather than taking hundreds of words or more to compare the top distilleries of bourbon, to explain how to make kale salad, or to describe the various routes and death statistics of climbing Mount Everest, information can be created in a fun, visual, and highly digestible way with an illustrated infographic. And looking at data visually can give you insight into information that a text-driven explanation would not. This book reprints the best infographics that were published for a North American audience in 2013, and editor Gareth Cook is now taking submissions for future editions.

The Best American Infographics by Gareth Cook (editor)

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