Big Magic for Little Hands – new magic trick book for kids

Written by magician Joshua Jay, Big Magic for Little Hands is a pleasingly giant-sized book of 25 tricks for kids ages 7 and up. Jay is also the author of Magic: The Complete Course, which I bought a few months ago and have learned quite a bit from.

These are tricks that require little prep time and dexterity yet are guaranteed to deliver a big payoff. The large format, oversized text, and black-and-white vintage-style illustrations make Big Magic particularly easy to follow and kid-friendly. Here's how to levitate your sibling several feet off a bed. Escape Houdini-like from tightly bound ropes. There are also impromptu effects that can be performed anytime, anywhere, like Spook-Key, in which an antique key mysteriously rotates in your hand. Each easy-to-perform feat is clearly illustrated with step-by-step drawings and accompanied by insider tips.

Big Magic for Little Hands: 25 Astounding Illusions for Young Magicians