URGENT: Call the FCC every day from now until they make their decision on net neutrality

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Hey Internet, this is it. We are going to win or lose the fight for net neutrality and online free speech in the next few weeks. Cable companies have money to send armies of lobbyists to whisper in the FCC's ear. We don't have that, but we have you!"

And we built this secret weapon for you to use: https://CallTheFCC.COM.

The FCC's decision is imminent. We've gained a lot of ground, and winning is definitely within reach, but right now it's looking like they may be gearing up for a convoluted compromise — something that "looks" like it protects net neutrality, but opens the door for Telecom censorship and abuse.

Will you be a hero for the open Internet? Our site makes it super easy to sign up get a reminder to call them every day. We've already heard that it's getting to them. Help us flood the FCC with calls from now until they make their decision to make sure that they listen to the public, not their buddies in the Cable industry.

Urgent: Net neutrality decision is imminent. Call the FCC every day.

(Thanks, Evan!)