Vintage toys: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Thumper, and… Idiot?


The 1949 Airboy comic has an ad for 5 puppets: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Thumper… and Idiot. We'll assume Idiot is not a Disney-licensed character, though he looks a bit like their Hunchback. The same firm also sold Halloween masks:

Turns out that the Idiot puppet (aka Half-Wit) was based on the Rubber-for-Molds, Inc. best-selling rubber mask, part of their collection of offensive midcentury children's masks, collected from this 1950 Torchy comic. Disney is certainly a little more hands-on with their licensees these days.

Airboy (puppet ad on inner front cover)

Torchy (mask ad on inner front cover)

(via, h/t Weird Universe)