How to kickstart your indie band's album

Beloved nerd troubadours The Doubleclicks, fresh off their successful, oversubscribed, $80,000 Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new album, offer some incredibly sensible advice on making a go of it with crowdfunded support for your art. Read the rest

Knit brain hats

Pandora Wilson in Las Vegas will make you a custom knit brain hat -- also comes in grey and baby).

(via Geekymerch) Read the rest

Potato-chip surveillance: once you start, you just can't stop

The ongoing revelations about UK domestic spying on political activists, continued in some case for decades, and which included an incident in which an undercover police officer fathered a child with the woman he was spying on, illustrate an important point: once you decide someone is suspicious enough to follow around, there's no evidence that you can gather to dispel that suspicion. Read the rest

HOWTO make a low-poly Kim Jong Un Hallowe'en head

Tim writes, "I made a giant wearable low-polygon Kim Jong Un head for Halloween, and you should too!" Read the rest

Dissecting the arguments of liberal apologists for Obama's surveillance and secret war

Democratic party partisans like Sean Wilentz, George Packer and Michael Kinsley spent the Bush years condemning the tactics they now defend under Obama -- apart from sheer intellectual dishonesty, how can this be explained? Read the rest

Baman and Piderman, Season 3

Thanks to the generous Kickstarter funding of Boing Boing readers and others, the delightful Baman and Piderman cartoon is back for another season!

(Thanks, Lindsay!) Read the rest

The Art of Jane Mai

Jane Mai is an artist specializing in food, eye patches, and bugs. Her work stands at the intersection of cute and disturbing.

You can pick up her autobiographical comic Sunday in the Park with Boys on Amazon, and she's on Twitter @janemai_.

Read the rest

Opsec, Snowden style

Micah Lee, the former EFF staffer whom Edward Snowden reached out to in order to establish secure connections to Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, shares the methodology he and Snowden employed to stay secure and secret in the face of overwhelming risk and scrutiny. Read the rest

WATCH: Low-energy holography from recycled parts

Todd Bryant demonstrates this interesting three-channel video sculpture at Tisch ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program). He explains it's made entirely from reused and recycled parts and uses a low-energy consumption form of projection.

Todd Bryant website Read the rest

Profile of MITSFS, MIT's 65-year-old science fiction club

This decades-old club maintains one of the finest science fiction libraries in the world, have a host of deeply, awesomely nerdy traditions, and are still going strong after influencing the lives of countless happy mutants.

Season finale of “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories” airs Thursday. Just in time: Duke Aber's awesome poster art.

The season finale of "Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories" airs this Thursday night on Adult Swim, at 12:15am. Duke Aber made these amazing unique posters for each episode. Read the rest

Hello Kitty booked on DUI charge

"Gipson, 37 ... was wearing a red and white Hello Kitty costume, minus the doll’s mammoth head" Read the rest

Dramatic videos of Orbital Sciences Antares rocket explosion from plane and nearby press site

Two dramatic videos that capture the unfortunate explosion of the Orbital Sciences Antares rocket: one from a plane at 3,000 feet, and the other from the press area near the launchpad.

Let's Play Neuromancer


In celebration of William Gibson's newest work, here's Leigh Alexander taking a crack at the 1988 Interplay adaptation of Neuromancer. Read the rest

Spanish Stars: a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool

Photo: “Los ojos mas brillantes de las sombras mas oscuras,” by Boing Boing reader Alberto Martín, shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. Read the rest

Woman who documented sexual harassment receives rape threats

Shoshana B Roberts spent 10 hours walking the streets of New York with a hidden camera crew, documenting over 100 catcalls (plus countless less-visible forms of harassment), as part of a campaign from Hollaback, who work to fight street harassment of women. Read the rest

Run The Jewels 2 released to a grateful nation

After a leak caused the duo to release the free album early, Killer Mike and El-P have basked in the accolades owed to rap's top tag team for two summers. America waits with baited breath for Meow the Jewels, the joke turned flesh of an entire album mixed with cat sounds. Read the rest

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