GeekDad speaks out about Gamergate

An excellent five-point pledge from our friends at GeekDad:

1. We commit to support the development of video games with female characters that are at least as realistic and interesting as their male characters.

2. We further commit to publicly call out video games and other related geeky media that treat women as less interesting or capable than men, and particularly fantasy art in which women appear to be stupid enough to think that wearing only an armor bikini would actually be useful.

3. We commit to support female game developers as much as possible. This could include publicizing crowdfunding campaigns, reviewing indie games that might otherwise go unnoticed, interviewing developers, promoting programs to encourage girls to pursue careers in game development, and anything else we can think of.

4. We further commit, however, NOT to reject in any way any video game simply because nobody on the development team was female. Because that would be just as bad as the discrimination we're trying to fight.

5. We commit to provide a safe place on our site for anyone, of any gender, to comment on articles without fear of doxxing or personal threats in our comments. If for any reason we are unable to adequately filter out such things, we commit to disable comments entirely on our site in order to make it a safe place.