Kickstarting an open hardware SLR networking add-on

Danny sez, "Lumera is an open-hardware, open source prototype that plugs into your fancy SLR camera, connects to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth, and lets you automatically upload pictures to sites like Flickr or a USB backup, change your camera settings like focus or ISO settings, or run timelapsed photograph sessions."

$170 gets you an earlybird deal (limited quantites); $190 gets you one at full-price.

It feels like an EyeFi with a bit more brains.

Hackbo is Bogota's finest hackerspace, and current home to the Lumera team.

They're currently fundraising on kickstarter to turn the prototype into a production run. It looks pretty smart, as well as a potentially promising base for a new hackerspace-built business.

Lumera: transform your camera into the smartest one

(Thanks, Danny!)