Pianist wants bad review taking down under EU "right to be forgotten" rules

In 2010, Dejan Lazic got a mildly critical review in the Washington Post and now he wants it taken down so people who google him won't see it anymore. Read the rest

My grandmother, the poisoner

Now that his grandmother has dementia and lives on a ward, John Reed has finally confronted his memories of growing up with her and concluded that all the people and animals that died around her were probably deliberately poisoned, and that's why whenever he'd visit her and eat her weird "health food," he'd fall asleep for days at a time, sometimes waking up in a hospital with near-fatal breathing problems. Read the rest

Reviews for a "Sexy PhD" costume

The reviews on the Delicious Women's Phd Darling Sexy Costume , some apparently from women with actual PhDs, are something of a remedy for the generally depressing fact of its existence: "Sleeves are too short & have no stripes. Costume does not feature a hood. This is a 'sexy BA' at best." Read the rest

Japanese illustrations of the strange and surreal

An amazing collection, at Visual Melt, of 70s-80s-vintage art: part 1, and part 2. See more at 50 Watts. Read the rest

Hundreds of vintage games to play in your browser

The Internet Archive's Internet Arcade resurrects over 900 classic arcade games from the 1970s to 1990s for play inside your browser, using the JSMAME emulator. Read the rest

EZOPower 3' retractable microUSB cable

I can't stand cables unspooled all over my bag. EZOPower's 3' retractable microUSB cable has become my go to cheap-ish cable that hasn't broken.

Cables in the $1.99 range break on me in 2-3 uses. $20 for a retractable cable seems crazy, this $9 delivered EZOPower cable has been working for me, for months. The spring still feels strong after a hundred or more uses.

Amazon offers these in several colors. I think pink makes audiophile gear work best.

EZOPower 3ft High Speed Retractable Sync & Charge Micro-USB Data Cable (Black) Read the rest

Kelly Anneken's 'Twenty Minutes to Sell'

Kelly Anneken has a unique, welcoming and occasionally offensive view of the world. She's a prolific podcaster and comedian who has just released her first album 'Twenty Minutes to Sell.' Read the rest

Indiegogo: Jeff Michalski's 'Bi-Polar Vortex'

Jeff Michalski's work in improvisational comedy and theater is legendary. I can not wait to see his film Bi-Polar Vortex.

Jeff is well known in improv circles for his role in founding the Second City ETC, UpFront Comedy (where we were business partners,) and performing in dozens of films and tv shows. He has gathered a cast of Chicago's finest and funniest minds of the last few decades, a community known for its absurdist and ironic lens on the world, to impart their experience of 2014's polar vortex to you, the Chicago way.

Just looking at the Indiegogo I see guys like Michael McCarthy, Rob Potter and Kevin Burroughs are involved. Three fantastic artists, Michael a writer and performer with credits from SNL to Sesame Street, and Potter a talented photo and videographer. Burroughs is a legendary Chicago personality always known to me as the Mayor of Bucktown, plays some mean blues too.

I am super excited to see this.

Bi Polar Vortex

A Meta Conversation in the Radio Vortex

The winter everyone stayed home and listened

In an anthology manifested from the mouths of a variety of eccentric DJs we experience the world of the 2014 Chicago Polar Vortex. The film features all Chicago Artists as actors , musicians, and film makers blending their talents into the Vortex we call home.

BiPolar Vortex Indiegogo page

Read the rest

Here's the page from the biology textbook that Arizona conservatives tore out

Here's the page containing true facts that Republican senators and conservative religious leaders from Gilbert Arizona ordered to be torn out of all copies of a textbook for high school honors biology students. I wonder if teachers will be fired for sharing the URL? Read the rest

Hidden faces in optical illusion paintings

Artist Oleg Shuplyak arranges the figures and objects in his paintings to reveal the faces of famous people such as Salvador Dali and Charles Darwin. Read the rest

Harvard's amazing Copyright X online course taking applications

Nathaniel from Harvard's Berkman Center writes, "Copyright X -- AKA 'The MOOC the New Yorker actually liked' and 'the butt-kickingest free copyright class you didn't even know you'd love' -- is gearing up and taking applications for its third run." Read the rest

You knew it was crap, but you bought it anyway. This is why.

David McRaney explores the sunk cost fallacy, a strangely twisted bit of logic that seems to pop into the human mind once a person has experienced the pain of loss or the ickiness of waste on his or her way toward a concrete goal. It’s illogical, irrational, unreasonable - and as a perfectly normal human being, you act under its influence all the time.

Why we must explore space

Michael Franti on why we must not give up on the final frontier.

Craigslist of the day: Many Many White Disco Boots

"Lots of white disco boots. New in boxes. 36 pairs to a crate. Maybe 10 crates. Use scissors to turn them into white stylish shoes. Have a wedding with 360 bridesmaids." Don't ever change, Craigslist. [HT: Dean Putney] Read the rest

Alien: The Archive art and photo book

See the true origins of the Alien xenomorphs through concept drawings along with plenty of other behind-the-scenes photos, designs, and illustrations in Alien: The Archive, a new hardcover art and photo book. Read the rest

Cybercrooks sell stolen rewards points at 99.9% discount

Enough Hilton Hhonors points to cover $1200 worth of stays can be bought for $12, and the crooks who're inside your account can use your associated credit-card to buy more points and more hotel rooms for themselves. Read the rest

Vantage: gorgeous new photography publication

Over at Medium, my colleague Keith Axline (former Wired photo editor) launched a magnificent photo publication called Vantage, with photo essays ranging from astonishing photo microscopy to a fascinating series on long-exposure photography to an aerial photo collection from Dronestagram. Read the rest

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