Some tickets still available for ORG Con, London, Nov 15

Ruth from Open Rights Group sez, "Tickets are selling fast for Open Rights Group's annual digital rights conference, all about debating civil liberties and the Internet: Get yours here.

The clock is ticking until the general election 2015, now is the time that we can make a real difference, take action for your human rights, and meet together as a community.

It's also a brilliant opportunity to see some incredible people who defend our rights all over the world: Nani Jansen who fought to get YouTube unblocked in Pakistan; Digital Rights Ireland who won the landmark case again mass data retention; top investigative journalist Duncan Campbell; and Cory Doctorow ORG founder and international digital rights activist.

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Day 1: Saturday 15th of November 2014 Kings College London, Waterloo

Day 2: Sunday 16th of November 2014 The Foundry 17-19 Oval Way, London

ORGCon2014 Day 2 is your chance to be heard and participate in the discussions informing policies and campaigns to influence the general election. You will learn how to campaign, run a local group, or participate in our hack space, with experienced campaigners from many organisations supporting workshops.

Open Rights Group campaign to protect our freedom of expression, and right to private life. So come to hear writers, speakers, and activists address government surveillance, whistle blowers, drone strikes, Internet censorship, revenge porn and much more.

Did you know you can get free tickets if you volunteer on the day, or sign up for ORG membership?

(If you have any questions please email

Open Rights Group – ORGCon2014

(Thanks, Ruth!)

(Disclosure: I co-founded ORG and am proud to volunteer on its advisory board)