EFF asks US Copyright Office for your right to fix your car

It's that time again: every three years, the Copyright Office allows the public to ask for exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's ban on "circumvention," which prevents you from unlocking devices you own. Read the rest

Hindus Propose Giant Monkey God Statue On Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

I want a giant monkey god statue on every state capital lawn . Read the rest

Chip-and-PIN cards let nearby fraudsters steal $1M at a time

Visa's new Paywave chip-and-PIN credit-cards have a $1M limit on foreign-currency transactions that can be verified "in-card," meaning that someone who gets close enough to your UK wallet can simply wave a phone at it and charge a megabuck to it without raising any realtime security alerts. Read the rest

Geared necklace from the geared ring people

Brother-and-sister designers Rachel and Glen Liberman, creators of the amazing Kinekt gear-ring, have created a matching stainless steel geared necklace whose chain passes through a set of meshing gears, spinning them round and round. Read the rest

Richard Kadrey's Metrophage back in print in signed special edition

Before there was Sandman Slim, there was Richard Kadrey's classic, groundbreaking cyberpunk debut novel Metrophage, a Terry Carr Ace Special (the same line that gave us Neuromancer) -- now it's back in print. Read the rest

Kottke.org tee

It's a two-week limited sale of a $38 tee made with "active dye digital printing," featuring the beloved blue gradient. (via Kottke) Read the rest

Rabbitbox: anthropomorphized dioramas on legs, for companionship

Roshan writes, "Rabbitbox is the world's first dedicated companionship dispenser. Its sole purpose is to provide the right combination of physical presence and implied sentience to allow the experience of companionship in its purest, literal form." Read the rest

How I use medical marijuana: vaporizers, science, weed, and cancer

A primer on the healing power of weed, and how to vaporize correctly, for cancer patients and others who truly have a medical need for marijuana. Sponsored by Ascent by DaVinci, a vaporizer we think works really well.

Mutant Mickey tee: Icky Mouse

The Icky Mouse tee, last seen as a Threadless design in 2011, is now for sale at the Neato Shop for $20. Read the rest

Ebola in Africa, a handy visualization

Very useful context, from @ebolaphone. Read the rest

Whole apartment’s worth of stuff in 86sqft

French designers Kitoko decorated a client’s 86sqft flat with an incredibly clever array of fold-out/fold-away furnishings and appliances, packing a genuinely improbable amount of stuff neatly into a tiny space. Read the rest

Kurt Cobain's freaked-out mix tape

In 1988, Kurt Cobain recorded a very strange cut-up cassette called "Montage of Heck" drawing from his record collection, tweaked radio recordings, his own song demos, and other bits of audio detritus. Read the rest

Some tickets still available for ORG Con, London, Nov 15

Ruth from Open Rights Group sez, "Tickets are selling fast for Open Rights Group's annual digital rights conference, all about debating civil liberties and the Internet: Get yours here. Read the rest

"Police scientist" in UAE: binaural music is "digital drug", ban it

The claim that binaural beats simulate the effect of recreational drugs enjoys little scientific support. But Dr. Sargan Al Meheini of the United Arab Emirates' Police Sciences Academy says the dreamy, weirdly rhythmic music should be dealt with like cannabis and ecstasy. Read the rest

Plutocrats' visual guide to rigging elections

From the Mayday.US super PAC (which backs candidates who promise to abolish super PACs). Read the rest

Stan Lee on the Insidiousness of Bigotry

"The bigot is an unreasoning hater – one who hates blindly, fanatically, indiscriminately." Read the rest

Titan beautiful in infrared

Sunlight glitters on the ethane seas of Titan. Read the rest

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