Rube Goldberg cereal pouring contraption

My daughter Jane and I had fun in this video for General Mills and Megabloks about the joy of using cardboard and spare parts to create a Rube Goldberg contraption, as part of their Rev Up the Breakfast Table campaign.

  • It STEMs from Somewhere: As an illustrator and journalist, my
    girls are exposed to creative arts all the time, so exploring activities
    rooted in science helps promote learning in other areas. Plus, I
    learn a lot from my kids about creativity, experimentation and
    improvisation in the process.
  • Building the Bond: Creating something together and seeing it
    daughters. In fact, I wrote the book Maker Dad, because I saw the
    need for a resource that gives dads and daughters ideas for activities
    they both enjoy doing.
  • It's What's Inside That Counts: General Mills putting a free, buildable
    Mega Bloks car in its cereal boxes is a nostalgic experience for me and
    one I love to share with my daughters. We're all excited for the free
    prize inside.
  • Try and You Shall Succeed: Building an elaborate structure like this
    shows that it's okay to fail, just try again! These kinds of challenges
    will stretch your mental muscles, and are also a great way to give
    your kids an introduction to real-life challenges.
  • Get Creative: Making a Rube Goldberg contraption leverages the
    it to our extreme. You can build small ramps and simple structures
    from anything in your house.