EMERGENCY! Protest FCC sellout on net neutrality across the USA!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Internet users! It's time to get angry and get active. The FCC just leaked their net neutrality proposal -- and it's TERRIBLE. After nearly 4 million people spoke out demanding strong net neutrality rules against Cable company censorship, throttling, and discrimination, the FCC is pushing rules that would explicitly open the door for that kind of abuse." Read the rest

Welcome to Night Vale scouting badges

For girls: Radiation Immunity; Surviving in Nature; Controlling Plants With Minds; Advanced Knife Fighting Techniques; for boys: Invisibility. Read the rest

Pennsylvania passes a "Gag Mumia" law to silence prisoner's voices

The "Revictimization Relief Act" allows suits against offenders whose "conduct...perpetuates the continuing effect of the crime on the victim," but the fact that it was aimed at silencing jailed activist Mumia Abu-Jamal was never made a secret -- the governor signed it into law saying that it "was inspired by the excesses and pious hypocrisy of one particular killer." Read the rest

$100K life-size T-Rex skeleton replica

It's 40' long from nose to tail, is composed of 190 bones, is billed as "museum grade" and comes with an assembly crew that will stage it in any "anatomically possible" pose. His name is Stan. Read the rest

Brazil's amazing, underground hot-air balloon subculture

An exquisitely researched and endlessly fascinating long article tells the history of Brazil's centuries-old baloeiro craft, whereby painstakingly handmade paper balloons are lofted trailing ladders of pyrotechnics and long banners, powered by melted-down candle-stubs from churches and graveyards, cheered on by sometimes violent gangs who labor over them for months before releasing them. Read the rest

Web site helps you split almost anything fairly

Carnegie Mellon researchers have built Spliddit, a web site which gives users "provably fair" ways to divide things of value.

Dividing a cake using the “I cut, you choose” method is the classic example used to illustrate envy-free approaches. But even cake cutting can get mighty complicated, as the number of people sharing increases and as the division begins to account for additional factors — people who prefer icing to cake, people who prefer chocolate over vanilla, those who like cake decorations, etc.

Image: Shutterstock Read the rest

Monty is the new Grumpy Cat: Internet decides cat with facial abnormality is cuteness hero

The newly-minted internet star was born without a nasal bridge, and this physical difference inspires fascination and empathy in humans.

The Wow! Signal

In August 1977 a radio telescope in Ohio received a signal that bore all the hallmarks of an extraterrestrial intelligence, leading astronomer Jerry Ehman to write "Wow!" in the margin of a printout. In the latest Futility Closet podcast we'll describe the signal and why researchers found it so compelling.

We'll also share some more nuggets from Greg's database of oddities and puzzle over why a man chooses to drive a long distance at only 15 mph. Read the rest

Genius GIF: Coffee o'clock

Perfectly depicted.

WATCH: Tour the International Space Station with NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman

Astronaut Reid Wiseman takes us from the very back of the International Space Station to the front at 18,000 miles per hour.

To do in DC, Nov. 7: A digital security conference for journalists, bloggers

The event will focus on how news organizations and reporters can use technology and encryption to better protect their sources in the post-Snowden age.

WATCH: An insider's guide to NYC's best street food

Strap on your bib and put on your eatin' pants. The Food Warriors are back with a second season of their wonderful web series about good NYC grub.

The Raven's Chamber: a mad scientist's apparatus

Art Donovan (previously) created this amazing, mixed-media sculpture as a commission, called The Raven's Chamber, resembling some arcane astronomical instrument from a mad alchemist's lab. Read the rest

Bring back Robogames: crowdfunding a robot combat web series with Veronica Belmont

Fans of the popular RoboGames event launch a Kickstarter to bring the robot-on-robot combat back as a web series, starring Internet sweetheart Veronica Belmont.

Senator Mark Udall, go out with a bang: 'leak' the CIA torture report

Colorado Republican Cory Gardner has ousted longtime privacy advocate Mark Udall in a Senate win. The outgoing Senator and champion of civil liberties has one last chance to read the truth about American atrocities out loud for the world to see,” writes Freedom of the Press Foundation's Trevor Timm in the Guardian, “Before it’s too late.” Read the rest

WATCH: very polite robber

"The owner of a south Seattle convenience store says a man pulled a gun and asked him for a favor -- to empty the till." Read the rest

How to speed up airplane boarding by a factor of five

Jason Steffen, an astrophysicist at Northwestern University, came up with a boarding method that greatly speeds up the traditional back-to-front boarding method used by most airlines. But the airlines aren't interested. Read the rest

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