Crowdfunding a documentary on Joybubbles, blind hacker and phone phreaker


LA-based filmmaker Rachael Morrison has launched a Kickstarter for JOYBUBBLES, a feature-length documentary film about Joe Engressia, Jr. (1949-2007), a blind telephone hacker who legally changed his name to Joybubbles after declaring himself "the age of five forever."

Rachael says the film will celebrate “The bizarre, imaginative, and wonderfully eccentric life of Joybubbles, and the pioneering contributions he made to the history and tradition of technology hacking.” The project promises to feature “Exclusive interviews, rare archival footage, never-before-heard audio recordings, newspaper articles, and photographs.”

Joybubbles is a quintessential example of the "Happy Mutant" we love and celebrate here at Boing Boing. Sounds like a great project.

Here's where you can join.

Phil Lapsley, hacker and author of "Exploding the Phone," shared news of the Kickstarter with Boing Boing. He has written extensively about Joybubbles' life, and gives a thumbs up to this documentary project.