Over the past decade I have visited the Moab, Utah area seven times and have fallen in love with the entire southern Utah landscape. I created this video love letter to let Moab know how much I appreciate the beauty of her landscape and the dark skies above. By Ron Risman

I first visited Moab on a cross country trip with my parents in 1977. I have to admit that back then I had no idea where we were when we were driving by these red rock formations. However, in 1994 I rediscovered Moab and instantly fell in love with this incredible small town, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I knew I had been there before, and it just felt like home to me. I feel privileged to feel at home in a place as vast and beautiful as Moab. It has been 37 years since my parents first took the family to Arches and Canyonlands, but since rediscovering it as an adult I have been back there seven times, five in the last three years, with more trips to come in 2015.

This short video was edited to a song called Beautiful by Shantel Nicole Grace that feels like a love letter to this beautiful area. The music, the arrangement, and the lyrics is how I feel when I sit under the dark skies of Moab or wander through the red rock canyons and arches. It's trans-formative. It takes you away from the stresses of every day life and truly puts you in touch with nature.