Lizzy Caplan sings "You Don't Know Me"

In this clip from the first season of Showtime drama Masters of Sex, Freaks and Geeks and Party Down actor Lizzy Caplan sings a cover of the tune most popularized by Ray Charles.

The show is a loose account of the groundbreaking sex study conducted by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. It's a supremely well-acted period piece, with a number of excellent performances including Beau Bridges and The West Wing's Allison Janney as a husband and wife dealing with his closeted homosexuality. Michael Sheen's intense and emotional work as Masters creates a compelling portrait of a character who could easily be an unlikable wretch in the hands of a lesser actor, and Caplan is tremendous as Johnson, radiating both warmth and steely determination as a woman with modern ideas on relationships trying to get by and get ahead at equal turns while encountering the medical field's glass ceiling and society's objectifying glare. The writing can be a bit on the nose with its entendres and the title sequence is distractingly out of place with its plethora of visual puns, but both the first and second seasons are definitely worth watching. You can pick it up on Blu-ray/DVD
or digital download.