Go Brain! encourages a growth mindset for children


Carol Reiley is a surgical roboticist who's previously spoken at the Boing Boing Ingenuity conference. Now, she's kickstarting Go Brain!, a children's book to inspire a growth mindset.

The growth mindset is based on the idea that children have two perspectives on learning, fixed and growth. The child with a fixed mindset believes they have a certain level of intelligence that they cannot surpass, and any failure is a reflection of that lack of intelligence. The child with the growth mindset, however, believes that their intelligence is limited only by the time and effort that they put into study. The book demonstrates the difference by comparing a pair of siblings, each of differing mindsets, as they attempt to learn to swim.

The project is asking for $15,000, and they're around the halfway point both in scheduling and financially. The art looks lovely, and if you're a science-minded parent you really can't go wrong with this. You can contribute to the Kickstarter, check out their website, and follow Carol on Twitter @robot_md.