A classic instructional cartooning book

It's easy to like cartoons. It's hard to draw them (at least something better than stick figures). Sometimes the best cartoons are drawn out of basic shapes and lines that look easy to draw by anyone, and yet it takes genius to draw like that. And genius is the word I use to describe the author's drawings and teachings in this classic book.

From the most basic drawings to more intricate examples, the author progresses through the book adding elements on a soft learning curve that even the least apt drawer can follow. The first chapter covers the basics, while the rest are centered on themes, like how to draw babies and kids, figures in standing, walking and other positions, caricatures, sports cartoons, and an overview on styles and techniques.

The coolest thing about the book is the catalogue of hundreds of cartoon noses, eyes, mouths, ears, hair, hats and other body parts that you can use to build your own cartoon character. The next coolest thing is the "Alphabetized Catalog of Emotions and Expressions" that depicts 150 faces expressing a wide range of emotions. Those are great for reference and as a source of ideas. The author uses very little text in the book, conveying most of his instruction with drawings and illustrated examples that intuitively fill the pages. – Alessandro Nicoli de Mattos

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