Facebook still removes breastfeeding photos like this

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The "offensive nudity" was removed after an anonymous complaint.

The Telegraph:

Emma Bond, 24, said she wanted to share the image of the "special moment" with Carene, who was born 12 weeks early.... She then uploaded it to a pro-breastfeeding website, where it attracted 166,000 likes. However users who then tried to share it on their own Facebook profiles found the link was deleted following a complaint from an anonymous user who reported it as "offensive".

Miss Bond said she was "upset" by Facebook's decision to remove the photo.
“It is something very natural and special and should be promoted,” she said. “Carene was born by emergency Caesarean section.

Facebook always insists that its policy is not to do this, but it keeps happening. After years of this, could it simply be a training problem? Maybe, but it's obviously not an important problem—and they know what babies are, after all.

While playing in Facebook subjects us to its policies, it's good to remember that the policies it shows us are just a performance, for people who talk and complain about policies. The real policies--defined by what actually happens--are a different negotiation.