Crowdfunding Blood and Snow: indie zombie movie

Thom sends us an "Indiegogo flexible funding page for BLOOD & SNOW, a horror thriller creature feature film set in Alaska at a lonely ex-military research station, where 5 scientists discover something beneath the ice that is alien in origin."

They're trying to raise $100K, $15 gets you a pre-release signed DVD of the movie. Weirdly, there's no sponsorship level that gets you a day-and-date download of the movie, though $1,000 gets you a product placement and $1,500 lets you appear as someone who gets killed.

They open the device and find what appears to be a cure for cancer, and in their excitement celebrate their initial findings. However, everything is not as it seems as the pathogen they have discovered may want something more then to cure their frail bodies…..

Featuring Michael Hogan (Colonel Tighe from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Tony Todd (THE CANDYMAN), Al Sapienza, Celine Filion, and more.


(Thanks, Thom!)