Barbie "computer engineer" book is a total disaster

The storybook has Barbie infecting all her friends' computers with a heart-shaped USB drive, then calling on the boys to fix the computers and program the video-game that she goes on to take credit for.

To add insult to injury, it's a two-book-in-one deal, and the other side of the book is "Barbie: I Can Be an Actress," so when you read this book, it looks like you're reading a book about Barbie's stage aspirations, but you're too stupid to realize it's upside-down.

Despite having ruined her own laptop, her sister's laptop, and the library's computers, not to mention Steven and Brian's afternoon, she takes full credit for her game design– only to get extra credit and decide she's an awesome computer engineer! "I did it all by myself!"

Barbie Fucks It Up Again [Pamie]

(via Dan Hon)

Here's Caesy Fiesler's improved version, and a place where anyone can submit improvements.