Space-funk music video: "Gagarin," Public Service Broadcasting (2014)

From the band Public Service Broadcasting, a fun new video for the first single from their upcoming second album, 'The Race For Space'. The music video includes wonderful archival footage from 'Voyage to the Stars', '10 Years In Space', 'Man Remains on Earth', 'Man Returns from Space' & 'Red Moon.' The tune is described as "a brassy, funk-heavy superhero theme song for the most famous man in the world" at one time.

Once again given access to newly acquired BFI footage, this time of the Soviet space race, PSB's J. Willgoose, Esq. explained the rationale behind the song: "We didn't want to be too literal in our interpretation of the material we were given – material that was full of heroic language and a sense of exuberance, with lines like 'the hero who blazed the trail to the stars', and 'the whole world knew him and loved him'. It seemed more appropriate to try and re-create some of that triumphant air with a similarly upbeat song – and when it came to creating the video, the best way we could think of to communicate that sense of joy was to get our dancing shoes on."

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