WATCH: Stunning 1954 contortionist routine

Magicpeacelove writes, "This stunning 1954 contortionist act (from an Abbott & Costello TV special!) features the most sensual snake ever. Seriously, if Janik and Arnaut showed up on the scene today they could travel the world with this act."

There seems to be precious little online about the duo. This 2012 post is the best I could find."

And then there's the snake dance of French performers Janik & Arnaut — Janine Janik (1931 – 1985) & Christian Arnaut (1912 – 2003). This isn't exactly physical comedy since they're not going for the laughs, but the partnering work is amazing: not just the unique positions, but the sinuous flow of the snake around the charmer's body. In most partner acrobatics, the base is muscling a lot of the moves; here, much of it is accomplished with little or no use of Arnaut's hands, much less his biceps; he guides more than he lifts.

(Thanks, Magicpeacelove