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Britain's pink-painted poo aims to shame irresponsible dog owners

The London Borough of Camden has a new weapon in its eternal fight against dog poo: pink spray paint. The idea is to embarrass dog owners who fail to pick up after their animals—and they've offered cans of paint to local residents who wish to participate in the program.

The mess will not be subsequently cleaned up, officials say, to ensure that the highlighted excrement remains as much a public eyesore as possible.

"It's about embarrassing the people who aren't picking up the poo after their dogs," Camden's cabinet member for the environment, Sally Gimson, told the Evening Standard. "The whole point is really to embarrass dog owners who are doing it to say 'we have noticed you've done it and you shouldn't be doing it'."

According to Childrens' BBC, Staffordshire council tried the same trick in 2010, as did a community group in Warminster and at least one other city. West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is also painting poo pink.

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Winnie the Pooh denounced as hermaphrodite

The beloved character of childrens' book and animated feature film has been banned from a Polish playground. Read the rest

D20 rug

The Critical Hit D20 rug is 43"x38", with a non-skid backing, and ensures that your living spaces always make their saving throws. Read the rest

Leaked docs detail Big Oil and Big PR's plans for a opinion-manipulation platform

The leaked slides were prepared by Edelman, the largest PR company in the world, at the behest of Transcanada, and they constitute a blueprint for tracking and influencing platform that spies on its participants in order to psychologically profile them and nudge them into becoming advocates for the oil industry. Read the rest

That's quite a bowel movement.

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GIF: Care Bear Care Package

“Care Package,” by James Curran, 2014. Read the rest

GIF: cross-section of human body, top to bottom

GIF created from a 1993 video of a cadaver imaged head to toe with MRI and CT-scan.

Dad riding motorcycle suspended from a rope: Either an idiot or best dad ever

This video is a good example of why men tend to have shorter lifespans than women.

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Chewbacca rugs

Princess Leia apparently decided the "walking carpet" should just become a carpet: it comes in 6'x3' or 8'x4', for $100/$150.

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Georgia to execute man whose actively alcoholic lawyer botched his case

What does it take for a condemned person to win a resentencing?

RFID Blocking Passport Case

For years I have been pretending this RFID blocking passport case is protecting me from a phantom menace. Read the rest

A Shareable Future: Creative Commons at 12 years

Twelve years ago, Creative Commons made a big bet. We saw that the internet had transformed the ways in which people create, distribute, and consume content. And we believed that what it meant to be a creator was going to shift in a big way. Read the rest

Make guitar picks from any flat plastic

As an amateur guitar player, this is a fantastic tool that allows me to achieve the following: Read the rest

Photo of a monstrous hole swallowing a neighborhood

This giant hole is the result of water flowing into a salt mine in Russia. When the soil started shifting in 2005, the government shut off power to the area to encourage residents to leave.

On Tuesday, the mines were evacuated due to shifting earth, and the hole opened up on Tuesday evening. Russian authorities are studying the scene and performing air quality tests to determine whether noxious gasses are being released.

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FBI agents pose as repairmen to enter private places without a warrant

Ted Balaker says: "Agents suspected some high rollers staying at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas of illegal sports betting (the horror!). The feds didn’t have enough evidence to obtain a warrant, so they got creative: They cut the suite’s Internet, then showed up posing as repairmen. Once they gained access to the suite, they sneakily collected enough evidence to persuade a judge to issue a warrant. They then returned to the suite and arrested eight men for allegedly running an illegal gambling operation." Read the rest

Utah may cut off NSA's water in protest of mass surveillance

In Utah, where the largest National Security Agency data center is located, a state legislative committee will soon consider a bill that could cut off millions of gallons of water for the NSA facility south of Salt Lake City. Read the rest

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