CPU Wars 2.0: expanded top trumps with processors

Harry writes, "Ever since launching CPU WARS Volume 1.0 people had been asking me for more CPUs and gameplay. After a lot of work and research we have finally done it! CPU WARS Volume 2.0 – The Battle of the Servers has now launched!

CPU Wars 1.0 is great fun, I have to say. This looks brilliant:

We can proudly say that the geekiest card game just got geekier. It features 30 server CPUs from the past 30 years, including the first PA-RISC server and the last Alpha. To make the game more interesting we've also introduced 4 booster cards that can change everything. It's also designed with Volume 1.0 in mind so you can combine the two decks for a total of 60 CPUs.

Now all you need to do is find some geeky friends to play with. With Christmas around the corner, this will be the perfect gift for all tech geeks.

CPU WARS Volume 2.0 – The Battle of the Servers.

(Thanks, Harry!)