Death ray free to a good home

An ad on the Gumtree notice-board site offers up "Simon Hackett's Internode Death Ray" — a TV ad prop — free to a good home in South Australia.

Looks familiar? It should. This life size prop was featured in a quirky Internode advertising campaign called "Bad things happen when geeks don't have internet." So how about it? Want a new talking point in your office or lounge room? Just email hei******@******.au + click to reveal and let us know why you need a death ray in your home. *Disclaimer: This death ray is not currently functional. It may require technical expertise. Neither Simon Hackett, Base64 or Internode will be held responsible for any carnage, accidental eviscerations or paper cuts that may ensue.

Simon Hackett's Internode Death Ray – Free to a good home

(Thanks, Sean!)