For sale: every 8-bit Nintendo game

Shane writes, "@n8duke is selling his complete collection of every 8-bit Nintendo game (and some other NES things) for $25k. Read the rest

Fundraiser tee: #000000 {lives:matter;}

$12: 1/3 of profits go to Ferguson Public Library, 1/3 to This Week In Blackness Media and 1/3 to Feed the Children of Ferguson. (Thanks, Clive!) Read the rest

Solar system drinking glasses

The Planetary Glass Set comprises ten glasses (one for each planet, plus one each for Pluto and Sol) representing the bodies of our solar system, very very very loosely sized to express their relative dimensions. Read the rest

Global Net Neutrality Coalition

EFF teams up with organizations around the world to fight for net neutrality everywhere, because this isn't an issue that just affects Americans. You can help by finding a group in your country and joining in.

KKK leader claims to have spoken to Ferguson law enforcement “off the record”

On a recent episode of Chris Hayes' MSNBC show, the host speaks with Frank Ancona, Imperialist Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK. Read the rest

What happens when you pour 1200ºF molten aluminum into an anthill?

This. It's an archival clip from CBS Sunday Morning on the work of Florida State University biology professor Walter Tschinkel. Read the rest

Watch: The best TV news snow bloopers ever, all in one video

A lot of dick jokes.

New video emerges of black cosplayer running for his life from cops who then shot and killed him

Two months after Darrien Hunt was shot in the back and killed by Utah police, surveillance video that captured the moments before his death has been released. Read the rest

James Cameron on Avatar sequels: “You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.”

Movie magazine Empire cornered director James Cameron with some questions about the forthcoming sequels to Avatar.

Tale of stray dog in Ecuador who tagged along with adventure athlete team will melt your heart

This terrific NPR radio segment is making the viral rounds for good reason.

Icelandic hacker pleads guilty to embezzling funds from Wikileaks

An Icelandic hacker who was once an ally of Julian Assange pled guilty Wednesday to charges that he embezzled 30 million Icelandic crowns ($240K USD) from Wikileaks. Read the rest

Just look at this felonious banana charge.

Just look at it: "A man is facing a felony menacing charge after two western Colorado sheriff's deputies say he pointed a banana at them and they thought it was a gun. (Thanks, Libbi!) Read the rest

Tiny dog dressed as teddy bear exercises on treadmill

Because “Shih Tzu” said aloud never gets old. The doggie's name is Munchkin. Read the rest

Malware in EU attack linked to British and U.S. intelligence agencies

What's most notable about this report: it comes with samples of the NSA's code, ready for you to download and test out for yourself, if you dare.

Uberdystopian: the surge-priced nightmare future

Paul Ford's short story "One Day, I Will Die on Mars," depicts a chilling, all-too-believable dystopian world where Uber becomes a massive transhuman immortal colony-organism that treats its labor force as its gut-flora, to be continuously measured and perfected or discarded. Read the rest

“Super Massive” NES collection for sale

Nate Duke is selling his lifelong collection of Nintendo games. Read the rest

William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy: The Royal Imperial Boxed Set

The boxed, hardcover set of William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy, by Ian Doescher, is now available. Read the rest

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