Men whose job is breaking in jeans pre-sale


A UK denim company employs 50 men to break in new jeans before they are sold.

"When I handed them back, of course they smelled bad," says Cameron Stewart, 24, who is part of the jean breaking crew. "I wore them every single day for six months. Literally. I don't wear a suit, you see. I live in Belfast and I work in Hollywood down the road, and I cycled to work every day. I went to the rugby in them with my thermals underneath. They got soaked in the cold and rain, and so they spent a lot of time hanging and drying above a radiator. One day, when it was warm, I went and lay on the beach in them. I went to the supermarket in them, I cooked in them, I drank in them. I didn't spill anything serious on them, thankfully. I also carved spoons in them, so by the end they were pretty covered in wood shavings."

"The people who are paid to break in your designer jeans" (The Guardian)