A message from The Innovation Movement [Advertiser]

Patent trolls do not invent or produce anything―they simply bring nuisance lawsuits against those who do, increasing consumer costs and stifling innovation. These trolls are celebrating another year of attacking small businesses and extorting $80 billion from the U.S. economy. One year ago, the House overwhelmingly passed bipartisan patent reform legislation—the Innovation Act―to stop patent trolls from suing innovators and collecting billions, while costing jobs and undermining economic growth. The Senate failed to act, but there's no reason this bipartisan bill should not become law.

Enough is enough.

    Contact your U.S. senators and ask them to pass patent litigation reform!

The Innovation Movement, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, unites those who believe innovation is critical to American global leadership and economic growth. The Innovation Movement uses grassroots advocacy tools to support smart public policies, like patent litigation reform, that foster startups and innovation. To learn more about the Innovation Movement's work fighting patent trolls, visit trollticker.com, follow on Twitter @imovement and like Innovation Movement on Facebook.