FBI investigating Denver cops who erased citizen video of beatdown

Denver police were videoed savagely beating David Flores and his pregnant girlfriend by Levi Frasier, who had his tablet confiscated and the video deleted after one of the cops shouted "camera" — but the video had already backed up to the cloud.

The cops were exonerated in a disciplinary hearing in which they gave testimony that contradicted the video evidence that came to light when Frasier recovered his video.

Frasier has also said that a after he recorded the violent arrest on his tablet, police seized it.

"When he took it, I said 'Hey! You can't do that. You need a warrant for that!'" Frasier said.

"It was very intimidating," he said. "I have never been more nervous in my life for something I didn't even know what was happening."

Frasier claimed officers searched through his video files then returned the tablet and the video clip of the arrest was gone.

Later on while back at his house, Frasier said he synched his tablet to an electronic cloud and retrieved the video.

FBI now investigating alleged incident of DPD use of excessive force [Chris Halsne/KDVR]