Cat survives month-long voyage from Virginia to Hawaii in shipping crate without food, water


An amazing cat survived a monthlong trip in a moving box without food or water.

According to owner Ashley Barth, the family kitty Mee Moowe vanished in September while movers were packing up the family's stuff for a move from Virginia to Hawaii. When the cat went missing, the family delayed their departure.

"I was really worried and starting to think the worst," Barth said. "Maybe she ran away, maybe the movers scared her and she decided it was too much noise and she took off."

They stayed in the empty house for three nights hoping she would return–but no such luck.

From a local TV news account:

"It made me sick. It was heartbreaking," Barth said. "My girls were devastated trying to tell me that I couldn't leave without Mee Moowe."

The land and sea journey or the Barth family's belongings took more than a month. Thirty-six days after their Suffolk home was packed up, the boxes arrived in Hawaii. When movers began unloading, Barth said she heard a quick, faint "meow."

"The guy goes, 'what was that sound?' and my heart just kind of sunk for a minute and I thought, 'no, no way.' And then we heard it again. And the guy said, 'was that a cat?'" Barth said.

Barth said the noise was Mee Moowe, clinging to possibly her last life. The cat, which was anemic and had lost half its body weight, could barely walk. Barth said Mee Moowe's eyes were crusted shut.

"I was in shock," she said. "I couldn't believe it. I think I was grateful that she was alive, but I was furious this happened to her."

The cat has symmptoms of starvation, according to the Hawaii vet who is treating her. The cat will be in quarantine for three months with the vet. Here's hoping the little critter survives. [HT: Star-Advertiser]