Interview with an undertaker


Meet Caleb Wilde, a sixth-generation mortician and the blogger behind Confessions of a Funeral Director.

From Matter:

Caleb is not your average mortician. He reads Kierkegaard and Grace Jantzen, the feminist theologian. There's a bit of the philosopher-poet about him. He calls death a "sacred space where we can embrace the silence." Perhaps there's no greater freedom, he says on his website, than to live life with a healthy relationship to death. Before he buries us, he wants to make us more human.

Caleb covered the dead woman back up. "Big, but I don't think she's grease fire material."

"Grease fire?" I asked.

"Have to be careful with the obese ones. They can start a fire in the retort and burn the place down."

"Confessions of a Mortician" by Eric Puchner (Matter)