The Wonder Years hit the Smithsonian


Cast and crew from TV's The Wonder Years (1988-1993) donated iconic items to the American History Museum, home to such iconic television artifacts as The Fonz's leather jacket and Archie Bunker's chair.

Over at Smithsonian magazine, Fred Savage, Josh Saviano, and others look back:

"There's such a sweetness to it, and such a nostalgia, and it kind of just makes people happy," said Jason Hervey, who played Wayne Arnold, Kevin's older brother. As for his costumes, Hervey added, "with the exception of the jean shorts, I very much loved my wardrobe."

Savage, now 38, said that even though "The Wonder Years" was set in the '60s and '70s and already filmed a quarter-century ago, the idea of looking back on one's childhood is timeless. "We all try and remember those moments growing up," he said. "We all have a box in our garage or in our bedroom in our parent's house filled with mementos from that time—photos, team jerseys, clothing. Whatever it is, we all try to reconnect with our childhood."

As for having a crush on Winnie Cooper, played by Danica McKellar, Savage said: "I think we all did."