Why journalists should be free speech partisans

Following on the New York Times's decision to continue its critical coverage of China, despite the Chinese government's retaliation against it, Dan Gillmor calls on journalists and news organizations to abandon the pretense of "neutrality" and take a partisan stand for free speech in questions of censorship, surveillance, net neutrality, copyright takedown, and other core issues of speech in the 21st century. Read the rest

Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks

As always, the Onion's headline nails it. Read the rest

Fantastically detailed Boeing 777 model made from manila folders

Luca Iaconi-Stewart is building a "1:60 model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER made entirely from manila file folders," with an unbelievable level of detail (it even has working mechanisms!) Read the rest

Proposal to fight Twitter abuse with volunteer juries

Now that Twitter has admitted it has a troll problem, it has to figure out how to scale up its human review of abuse complaints. Read the rest

Honest store displays

Read the rest

Letter to the Editor

A commenter—awarded a temporary suspension after writing that unarmed black teen Michael Brown was to blame for his own killing because he was a violent "THIEF"—writes in.

I was banned from logging in because of one comment I made that was flagged as “victim blaming”.


If I am immediately banned from the discussion for a month just because I have a different, frank point of view, then I feel I can no longer visit or forward any articles for this site ever again.

Thanks very much for the many years of “wonderful things”, but if this site has decided to become a one-sided, close-minded, dishonest, riot-inciting political agent, then I can no longer support this site.

I will miss the old BoingBoing very, very much and it saddens me to see its conversion to misguided radicalism all but complete.

P.S. The image on the contact page is distasteful and irresponsible. It cemented my decision to leave. Encouraging riots, violence and looting by disinformation using an evil-Calvin looking boing boing girl just proves that it's all over for this site.


Yes, he actually downloaded the picture of Jackhammer Jill and attached it to the email, just in case we were unsure. Read the rest

Go, Orion! NASA set to launch spacecraft on first step toward manned flights to Mars [Update: Delayed! Launched!]

Final preparations are under way for NASA's Dec. 4 launch of the Orion spacecraft. Not since the final Space Shuttle mission in 2011 has there been so much excitement around American space flight. Sawyer Rosenstein reports from Cape Canaveral.

Fight for the Future gives the FCC a holiday break, asks you to write Congress about Net Neutrality instead

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "In the last two months, net neutrality supporters (like you?) have helped us drive more than 55,000 phone calls to desks at the FCC demanding real Title II net neutrality."

That's a lot. Like, 1,000 phone calls per day. Best part: we're going right around the FCC's switchboard and connecting people directly to FCC officials.

FCC employees are people too. So, we're going to give the FCC a little holiday break this week. But if they don't show us on their December 11th meeting that they're headed in the right direction, we'll be back, and in greater numbers.

Want to help the fight right now? Send an email to Congress telling them not to be idiots about net neutrality, it's not a partisan issue.

We're giving the FCC a holiday break!

(Thanks, Evan!) Read the rest

Incredible embroidered portraits

Cayce Zavaglia hand-embroiders astonishingly hyperrealistic portraits from cotton and silk thread and crewel embroidery wool. Read the rest

Goodbye Cat Fancy, hello Catster!

Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines, publications that are nearly 50 years old, are shutting down, to be replaced by print versions of the Web sites Dogster and Catster. Read the rest

NYC x Ferguson: ambient short film documenting #BlackLivesMatter protests in NYC

“An ambient portrait of the protests that took the streets and bridges of NYC, leaderless, sounding like improvised music.”

Europe's largest nuclear power plant shut down after “technical fault”

Ukraine's energy minister says a "technical fault" in Europe's largest nuclear power plant has forced reduced production of energy, but poses no threat to public safety.

Homes and businesses throughout Ukraine are now being forced to ration energy. The minister, Volodymyr Demchyshyn, says the state hopes to end the power shut-offs soon.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Officials blame the power shortage on repairs of a damaged generator at the Zaporizka Nuclear Power Plant in the country’s southeast and low stocks of coal caused by fighting in the main eastern mining region.

Mr. Demchyshyn said a short circuit in the generator was responsible for the Nov. 28 shutdown of a power unit at the Zaporizka plant, the largest nuclear station in Europe. The minister said there was no damage to the plant’s reactors, and Energoatom, Ukraine’s nuclear energy company, released a statement saying that the incident “wasn't a nuclear or any other kind of accident.”

At an earlier cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk referred to an “accident” at the plant, stirring memories of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

Related coverage at World Nuclear News, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Reuters. Read the rest

No charges for NYPD officers accused in Eric Garner chokehold death case

A Staten Island grand jury “has voted not to bring criminal charges against the white New York City police officer at the center of the Eric Garner case.” Surprise, surprise.

”Strong Coffee Served Here,“ a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool

That's just how they brew it in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Slut-shaming smackdown, 1954 edition

Scott Edelman writes, "The 1954 comic book Dream Book of Romance turns out to have been pretty progressive for its day." Read the rest

Supporting justice and DNA forensics in Guatemala: FAFG's “No More Missing“ campaign

The pioneering nonprofit dedicated to finding the remains of the missing in Guatemala has an indiegogo campaign going, and I wholeheartedly support it.

How not to ground a gasoline generator

Nice try! [via] Read the rest

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