Free shipping for 3D printed Makie dolls

Makies, the award-winning 3D printed custom dolls featured in our gift guide, have just announced free shipping on UK orders, and on overseas orders of more than $115! Get your order in by Dec 15 for Xmas delivery in the UK. Dec 10 for the rest of the world.

Last Orders for Makies under the Tree!

There's still time to get a Makie doll under the tree, but don't drag your (elf-booted) feet!
To make sure you receive your Makie in time for the big day, please place your order by
December 10th.

With FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for a limited time on all orders over $115, now's the perfect time to have a Merry Makie Holiday!

Last Orders for Makies under the Tree!

(Disclosure: Makielab was founded by my wife Alice Taylor, and she is the company's CEO)