Teacher forced 8-year-old to clear clogged toilet with bare hands



In Washington state, a teacher has admitted ordering an 8-year-old student to unclog a toilet full of poo with his bare hands.

The child's parents say the teacher deserves more than the reprimand he was given by the school district.

"I'm still speechless," said the boy's mom, Lisa Adams.

The third grader had reported a clogged toilet to the teacher, Brent Taylor, who then ordered the child to put his bare hands in the toilet–no gloves, no plunger–and unclog it. "It's nothing I haven't done before," said Taylor, according to case documents from the school district.


The student followed orders. "He did get made fun of, kids did see this happen, and he's not going to go to that school," Lisa said.

The district allowed the student to be transferred and ordered Taylor to review a safety course on hygiene. Taylor had taken that same course just two months ago. The 23 year veteran got a warning letter and the case was closed. But, in our investigation into Taylor's record, we found Taylor has had two other reprimands in the last 16 months.

The other two involved inappropriately touching female high school students. Records show Taylor was put on leave last year after a teacher's aide reported he roughly grabbed her arm in anger.

And earlier this school year another TA reported feeling uncomfortable when she said Taylor tickled the back of her neck. This incident was also mentioned in the letter of reprimand that was given for the barehanded toilet unclogging.