What military gear did the Pentagon give to America's cops?

Michael from Muckrock says, "After months of legal wrangling, MuckRock has finally received the complete list of military gear given to local police departments under the Pentagon's 1033 program, including bomb disposal robots, infrared gun sights, small aircraft and rocket launchers." Read the rest

Perfect toilet-paper dispensing machine

Helps ensure that you get precisely three squares per portion, by means of a GIANT CLEAVER ON A MOTORIZED ARM. (via Metafilter) Read the rest

AT&T hates telcoms regulations, except when it insists on them

The company that says that the gubmint should stay out of its business and let it destroy Net Neutrality also says the government should clobber Kansas towns with no broadband who have the audacity to run their own networks. Read the rest

WATCH: Adam Savage and Kevin Kelly talk about starter tools everyone should have

My friend and Cool Tools partner Kevin Kelly went into Adam Savage's man cave to talk about some of the 1,500 tools reviewed in his Cool Tools Catalog. Read the rest

Physics, or sorcery?

This table is being held up by the weight of the buckets that are resting on it! Read the rest

Innovation in lockpicks: the "hall pass" and the EOD speed-picking set

The Hall Pass is a stainless steel, credit-card-sized pick designed to be slid between the door and the jamb (saving you from cracking your credit cards); the EOD is an extensive speed-pick set that is nevertheless optimized for portability and compactness. Read the rest

LISTEN: "Change, the album," by Fred Kaz

"Change, the album" is a fantastic, previously unpublished, collection of soul touching jazz and storytelling by the legendary Fred Kaz. Read the rest

White Arizona cop, mistaking pill bottle for gun, shoots and kills unarmed black man

Yet another case of a white police officer who felt threatened by an unarmed black person and used lethal force when none was needed.

“Journey for Justice” marchers protesting police murders of black men are met with Confederate flags

“A display of fried chicken, a melon and a 40-ounce beer bottle had been placed in the street.”

Do the Right Thing: Spike Lee juxtaposes “Radio Raheem” and “Gentle Giant” Eric Garner in short film

Warning: disturbing content.

The art of Yo Az

The Paris-based artist's work reminds me of an updated Peter Max.

Fable of suicidal lemmings traced to Disney

An article from the BBC clarifies the popular notion about lemmings.

On the back of the animated classic Bambi, Disney undertook a series of ground-breaking, feature-length nature documentaries known as The True-Life Adventures. In one of these, White Wilderness, he dramatized the lemming mass suicide. ... In an infamous sequence, the lemmings reach the edge of a precipitous cliff, and the voiceover tells us that "this is the last chance to turn back, yet over they go, casting themselves bodily out into space." It certainly looks like suicide. "Only they didn't march to the sea," says Stenseth. "They were tipped into it from the truck."

Read the rest

Turn a balloon into a phone case in seconds

Woosung An demonstrates an excellent technique for adding a layer of rubber protection to your phone in seconds, by deflating a balloon around it. Read the rest

Pip, new minimalist messaging app, promises easy update to friends

The app's developers promise iOS and Android handset owners the ability to send messages and share status info like location or weather with “just a couple taps.”

Merry Christmas from Groot and Rocket

This is the single most amazing Christmas tree idea I have even seen. It had to be done and Wolfen Moondaughter was the one to do it. See more on her Flickr page.

Happy Holidays to all! Read the rest

Amazon mails conveyor belt roller instead of gift

Glenn Fleishman reports that a goat dairy farmer was not expecting to receive a mysterious green cylinder.

Justice Department: Cleveland police systematically uses excessive force

Results of a federal review of policing in Cleveland, Ohio were released today, and they underscore what many residents of that city undoubtedly know first-hand: the use of unreasonable force by police officers there is part of pattern of behavior that is in some cases endorsed by supervisors. Read the rest

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