The art of Grant Gould

Grant Gould is probably most well known for his Star Wars trading card art and illustrating two Star Wars books, Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Draw Star Wars: Rebels. He's also the creator of the original comic series Wolves of Odin and has done awesome art from just about every fantasy and scifi series out there (and even some pop culture characters too).

Big Trouble in Little Chicago
by grantgoboom on deviantART

Toony #IndianaJones sketch card from 2009.

2009 #AbeSapien convention sketch. #Hellboy #BPRD

Dr. Who and Rose
by grantgoboom on deviantART

"Here's another one from 2010 — Gimli, Legolas & Aragorn from "The Lord of the Rings," drawn by me and colored by my buddy Otis Frampton."

"…the #RedViper"

BSG Helo C2E2 2011 Print by
on deviantART

""One Year Earlier" art for Topps' 2013 STAR WARS ILLUSTRATED: A NEW HOPE trading card set."

by grantgoboom on deviantART


"#StarWars ("what if" future) #Ahsoka card art from a Topps Galaxy set a few years back — my original thumbnail sketch on the left, final pic on the right."

Thundercats' Lion-O

by grantgoboom on deviantART

"Masters of the Universe's MerMan!"

Elfquest's Kahvi
by grantgoboom on DeviantArt

"Raistlin Majere, everyone's favorite golden-skinned, vision-cursed, sometimes good, bad guy."

"2010 Avatar/Na'vi character commission – "Daughter of Pandora""

MAD MEN: Don Draper
by grantgoboom on deviantART

2010 marker drawing commission of Storm.

Harry Potter Pic
by grantgoboom on deviantART

Another one of my Clone Wars "How-To-Draw" features for This one features Cad Bane wearing his outfit from the Rako Hardeen storyline. Find this tutorial and many others by me over at the official Star Wars website!

The Wolves of Odin
by grantgoboom on deviantART

"Rocket Raccoon… I've been in love with this character since the '80s (the Mignola series)…"

All Bad Things Must Come To An End
by grantgoboom on deviantART

Conan the Barbarian
by grantgoboom on deviantART

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