Das Keyboard, a chunky, clicky, satisfying keyboard

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky marks the continuing evolution of the Austin company's tribute to the IBM Model M keyboards — the indestructible, springy, clicky keyboard that was prized and hoarded by professionals for years after it was discontinued.

It sports an anodized aluminum faceplate and individually sprung keys with laser-etched caps, as well as modern touches like USB ports and media buttons. The footbar provides more stability than adjustable individual feed, and doubles as a ruler.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is designed with best-in-class, Cherry MX Blue switches that have clicky tactile bump when the activation point is hit. The combination of the tactile feel, the psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an experience like no other. Sleek design, laser-etched key caps, and oversized volume knob make this one beautifully crafted machine. The most advanced mechanical keyboard on the market today.

Update: Malcopticon writes, "Model M was not discontinued; they are still manufactured at a factory in Kentucky under the 'Unicomp' brand.

As their marketing copy says, "Why purchase an imitator when you can buy the original "Model M". We have produced the buckling spring "Click" keyboard for IBM and thousands of discriminating users worldwide for 15 years." (Actually 18 years, according to Wikipedia.)

Here is their "classic" line, although they have updated models too.

They even go so far as to allow you to specify the IBM model number, and they'll build you a brand new keyboard of that specific model!

I've never owned one of these keyboards, and have no connection to the company. But I think what they're doing is really neat, continuing to crank out these old, springy keyboards for all these years, and I think they deserve better than to be overlooked.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky

(via Wired)