Das Keyboard, a chunky, clicky, satisfying keyboard

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky marks the continuing evolution of the Austin company's tribute to the IBM Model M keyboards -- the indestructible, springy, clicky keyboard that was prized and hoarded by professionals for years after it was discontinued. Read the rest

Summary of Torture Report released: Surprise! CIA tortured people and torture doesn't work

A summary of the long-awaited report into CIA torture has been released. CNN: "In its most graphic details, an executive summary of the report finds that conditions for detainees at top secret interrogation sites were much harsher than the CIA has previously admitted."

The CIA's harsh interrogations of terrorist detainees during the Bush era didn't work, were more brutal than previously revealed and delivered no "ticking time bomb" information that prevented an attack, according to an explosive Senate report released Tuesday.

The majority report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a damning condemnation of the tactics -- branded by critics as torture -- the George W. Bush administration deployed in the fear-laden days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The techniques, according to the report, were "deeply flawed" and often resulted in "fabricated" information. The report is reigniting the partisan divide over combating terrorism that dominated Washington a decade ago. Democrats argue the tactics conflict with American values while leading members of the Bush administration insist they were vital to preventing another attack.

The torture was worse than previously admitted:

"In many cases, the most aggressive techniques were used immediately, in combination and non-stop," the report says. "Sleep deprivation involved keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in painful stress positions, at times with their hands shackled above their heads." ... In one facility, a detainee was said to have died of hypothermia after being held "partially nude" and chained to a concrete floor, while at other times, naked prisoners were hooded and dragged up and down corridors while being slapped and punched.

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Mystery of Bulgaria's green cat finally explained

The cat is obviously of Orion origin, but delusional conspiracy theorists claim it is green because it sleeps on "on the top of an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage." [via] Read the rest

Cooter the chubby pet raccoon, just rolling around the house

The remix GIF is better than the original video, honestly.

Mr. Dalek Potato Head

In the category of must have immediately: Mr. Dalek Potato Head. Read the rest

Those UFO houses

In the late 1960s, UFO homes like Finnish architect Matti Suuronen's Futuro Houses were the ultimate in space age cool. Then the 1970s oil shortage happened and the cost of plastic took off, making the Futuro Houses even less practical than they already were. See more of the surviving structures over at Atlas Obscura.

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Music: "L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Concerto No. 9 in D maj. for violin and strings, RV 230," Antonio Vivaldi (1711)

Helps me chill out. Read the rest

Watch: Steve Wozniak on the early days of Apple, and the Apple IIe computer

“I built this whole board myself because I wanted the chips in the ultimate, perfect position.” Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and designed the Apple I with him, remembers the early days in this Bloomberg video short.

“To this day, I'll stay at the bottom of the org chart being an engineer, because that's where I want to be.”


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Predictable: bare-rotored flying misletoe-copter at T.G.I. Friday's slices up bystander's face

A newspaper photographer reporting on a TGI Friday's flying "Mobile Mistletoe" drone had her face sliced open by the 23" drone's six bare rotors, and Friday's blamed her for the injury, saying she flinched when the restaurant's drone pilot landed a smaller copter on her outstretched hand. Read the rest

Mod TV commercial for Kodak Instamatic (1966)

From 1966, this far out mod commercial for the Kodak Instamatic camera with Flash Cubes! Read the rest

Dog knows how to deal with police

Bruno took out several police vehicles. Good boy, Bruno! [TV3 via Reddit.] Read the rest

Video: Tribute to space in cinema

Max Shishkin's montage of cinematic depictions of outer space, from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) to Interstallar (2014). Read the rest

The First Major Rap Music Tour: A Prelude

Building toward the NYC Swatch Watch Fresh Festival in this week's Hip Hop Family Tree strip by Ed Piskor

Rocket car may hit 1000 MPH

Bloodhound SSC aims to set the world Land Speed Record at 1,609 kph (1,000 mph) by 2016. Chief engineer Mark Chapman: "People ask me if Andy has an ejector seat. He doesn’t, because nobody has designed an ejector seat that can operate at Mach 1.4." Read the rest

San Francisco's Monkeybrains ISP offering gigabit home wireless connections

It's $35/month for the service, from San Francisco's coolest indie ISP (founded by Rudy Rucker's son, Rudy Jr, it was the inspiration for Pigspleen, the fictional ISP in my novel Little Brother) and if you opt to pay a little extra, they'll install a free link in a low/medium income neighborhood, too. Read the rest

Saga Volume 4

Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples's high weird, perved-out, freaked out space opera comic Saga is the best visual sf since Transmetropolitan, and the long-awaited volume 4 is a feast of politics, betrayal, gore, revolution, decadence, and Huxleyesque social control through amusement technology. Cory Doctorow blew his mind with it, and is back to tell the tale.

Relive Britain's home computer boom with the ZX Vega

The Vega console is not merely modeled on the classic ZX Spectrum, one of the more striking early home-computer designs. Read the rest

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