HOWTO: Make glue-gun sticks out of sugar for building gingerbread houses

All Thumbs has devised a method for molding your own sugar-based hot-glue-gun sticks that you can feed into an unused and uncontaminated gun to produce perfect gingerbread-house-building molten sugar adhesive.

Two important safety tips: use a fresh gun so you don't get glue in your food, and follow All Thumbs's advice and tape the molds to a sink, rather than holding them and risking molten sugar-burns.

Sugar pulls moisture from the surrounding air like crazy. If left to their own devices, your glue sticks will soon end up in a sticky mess. This process can be slowed down considerably if you leave the sticks in their foil wrap moulds, and if you store them together with some rice (or salt?) in a tin can that has been taped shut.

Gluing a gingersnap cottage (like a nerd) [All Thumbs/Instructables]

(via Evil Mad Scientist)