Dark mornings: tool to help you calculate gloomy commutes

gmoomyThe toughest part of the Winter season isn't the cold, the blues, or December's annual cramming of a full month's work plus last-minute whatevers into three actual work weeks (are you on Boing Boing pre-holiday procrastinating? Hey, me too!) The hard part is commuting in the dark.

You wake up, it's dark, and you come home and it's also dark, two bleak bruise-blue endcaps on your winter work weeks. Now, Richard Everett has made a tool that uses your location and commute times to let you know how much longer you have to endure these circumstances.

Check out Dark Mornings, a tool that tells you precisely how many days you have left until your commute will be light again. Hang in there.

(Thanks, Gemma!)