Musical time-machine to Walt Disney World in the late 1970s

The amazing Foxxfur has spent 3.5 years assembling a new installment in her "Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World" series, pulling together audio rarities from WDW in the late 1970s to create a six-hour soundscape that faithfully recreates the incidental music, cast member spiels, and ride narration from one of the golden ages of Disney themeparks.

I make a cameo in this one (!), as a Haunted Mansion butler in the Liberty Square bonus track! The accompanying 28-page guidebook is a treat in itself, filled with rare art and photos from the bygone era of Walt Disney World.

This second version of the original A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World expands on the original, including more than twice the amount of material. Finally the full scope of the project may be heard, and the intended structure restored. Best of all this project comes with six "Bonus Tracks" which offer many more opportunities to include beloved Magic Kingdom music beyond the late-70s scope of the project.

This is a memory meant to be shared, and I hope that "Another Musical Souvenir" both brings back fond memories and inspires others to learn more about the terrific history and legacy of Walt Disney World.

Another Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World [Passport to Dreams Old and New]