Dollar Store Dungeons!

Rachel sends us "a series of posts about all the cool ways to use dollar store finds in tabletop RPGs. There is an amazing variety of useful things there, from things that could easily work as miniatures, to white boards for sketching maps or tracking initiative, to the cheapest source I've yet found for glass beads."

From Dollar Store Dungeons, parts 6, 7 and 8: Paint, brushes and dominoes:

Dominoes + paint + brushes = nice, blank, black tiles. Ready to be used as castle palisades, a sarcophagus, gates to the Imperial City or a raft for going down the river.

As with some of the other items in this project, I kinda cheated and bought two sets of dominoes instead of just one. A whole $2! For which I got 56 dominoes, and two nice wooden storage boxes to put them in. If it turns out that I can't make a serviceable brown or grey from the paints, I may have to splurge on some better paints to create wood or stone effects. Hm, perhaps I should go back to the dollar store and look for some cheap spray paint!

Dollar Store Dungeons: The Project