Hideous $10,000 plastic Christmas tree

Grad writes, "While cruising Amazon looking for some new Christmas tree magic for my family, I ran across what must be the world's most expensive Christmas tree."

It's a Christmas-friendly price of only $9,993.50. I like the way they kept it just a hair below $10K — and I love the specificity of the price point.

Yes, it's a pretty special tree, that's for sure — first of all it's 'pre-lit' — so the lights are included — and it's pink (which is super fun) and it's a massive 4 feet tall. What's really driving the price IMO is the massive 110 branch tips and staggering 70 UL-listed pink bulbs. People — they're *UL-listed* — this tree isn't f'ing around!

And the value continues — the tree stand is INCLUDED. Yep, let me repeat that — the tree stand IS INCLUDED. The topper is simply stunning — the tinsel needles are flame retardant. Sure, maybe you wanted to light this baby up, but sorry — no flames for you!

I bought two.

Kidding aside, I'm guessing that this is one of those auto-pricing algorithm bugs that crop up from time to time on Amazon; different vendors use bots to set their prices relative to one another and the bots get into a race condition and set the prices to astronomical levels.

The other outcome is race-conditions that drive prices down, as happened on Amazon UK on Black Friday, when someone figured out how to induce the race-condition and drove the prices of many goods down to 1p.

PRE LIT 4 FT PINK Christmas Tree with Stand Tinsel

(Thanks, Grad!)