What the hell is going on with North Korea's internet?

Kim Jong-Un, searching for a decent connection. KCNA via Reuters.

Kim Jong-Un, searching for a decent connection. KCNA via Reuters.

Someone should create an "is North Korea's internet working" yes/no website. But not in North Korea today, because apparently the primary source of internet access for the country is down again.

The country's main access link went down on Monday, then it was apparently restored, sort of, and now reports say it's down again.

From the New York Times:

Experts who monitor the health of the global Internet called it one of the worst North Korean network failures in years. But American officials who had described over the weekend how they were intensely focused on the country's telecommunications connections through China — and how they had asked the Chinese government for help in cutting off the North's ability to send malicious code around the world — declined to discuss what befell those connections.

Bear in mind that impoverished gruel-eating civilians don't have access, it's primarily used by government, military, and related points of power in the tightly controlled regime.

The U.S. government hasn't made a statement yet about rumors it may be involved, as some sort of defensive or retaliatory move for the recent hacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

So who, or what factors, might be responsible? DYN Research, a firm that studies global internet communications, doesn't know. And we sure as hell don't either.