Free NASA symposium on futuristic space tech


BB co-conspirator Ariel "Spacehack" Waldman points us to a free NASA conference on future space-tech happening near Kennedy Space Center January 27-29!

Ariel says:

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program's 2015 Symposium is about the sci-fi-esque (but real!) space technologies that people are prototyping and researching for the future of space exploration. Event includes a tour of NASA Kennedy Space Center. Free for people to attend, but they should register ASAP as there's limited space.

If they can't attend, I recommend they follow @nasaiac where I'll be tweeting about the event.

Bias Note: I'm on the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts External Council (with a bunch of awesome scientists!).

NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program's 2015 Symposium

Image: "Mason Peck, Cornell University, In-Orbit Assembly of Modular Space Systems with Non-Contacting, Flux-Pinned Interfaces" (via NIAC Gallery)