Unexplosive hanging loudspeaker


The sales pitch for this "Unexplosive hanging loudspeaker" is seemingly a masterpiece of machine translation:

Our company is strong, there are channels, have efficient groups, have long-term support of foreigner's manufacturer and cooperate, there is swift stream that supplies the system, these factors in many aspects make the advantage of our company obviously embody, the products of this brand are recent fast-selling type normal products, there is the need you can contact me at any time…

Brand management a lot, but while purchasing from foreigner's directness, can get the price all alone, you absolutely rest assured on quality, our customer is a lot of every province and every market at home, I can offer a series of materials of our company, let you have more ocular understanding.

"DNH unexplosive hanging loudspeaker DSP- 25 EEXMNT/25W" (Thanks, Vann Hall!)