Report: Charlize Theron negotiated pay equal to male co-star after leaked Sony Hack emails

Charlize Theron is not having this bullshit.

Charlize Theron is not having this bullshit.

The Sony Pictures emails leaked last month shed light on a time-honored practice in Hollywood: paying women less than men.

The tradition applies to "below-the-line" workers who don't appear on camera, but it also applies to stars. After reading reports about the emails, one of those stars, Charlize Theron, fought back.

Aly Weisman at Business Insider:

In one instance, it came to light that Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male costars in the Oscar-nominated "American Hustle" — despite arguably being a more in-demand star than any other cast member. And Charlize Theron took note.

For her coming Universal movie "The Huntsman" — the prequel to 2012's successful "Snow White and the Huntsman," which earned nearly $397 million worldwide at the box office — the actress demanded to be paid the same as her male costar, Chris Hemsworth.

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