Fried egg bandit baffles UK coppers


VICE wins with this item: "A fried egg has baffled police on the Isles of Scilly in Great Britain. How? By appearing at the crime scene of what seems, at first glance, like a standard shed break-in."

They found it on the Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page, which offers this:

Somebody has forced open the door to the Football Club shed at the playing field next to the school. It is fairly evident that this was done sometime over Tuesday evening and most probably to get a football out for a kick around. Regrettably however the door was damaged in the process as can be seen in the picture with the bottom of the door split. There are few clues as to how this came to happen other than a fried egg was left at the scene.

I will be attending school tomorrow to ask at assembly if anyone knows anything about this. We are just looking for the person responsible to own up and this can all be dealt with quite amicably which is the request of the shed owners.

In case you missed any of the salient points above I'll summarise:

– Low key investigation with amicable resolution if admitted.

– A fried egg was left at the scene.

Could the crime have been committed by… poachers? The police are combing the scene, seeking for-hen-sic evidence.

[photo: Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page]