Music: "Stayin' in Black," The Bee Gees + AC/DC Mashup by Wax Audio

All I can do is scream FUCK YES at the top of my lungs. Read the rest

WATCH: Kid gets new 3D-printed prosthetic StormTrooper arm

7-year-old Liam Porter got his prosthetic StormTrooper arm thanks to e-NABLE, an online community of 3-D printer enthusiasts who make prosthetics for those in need.

New prosthetic "trooper" arm built with 3-D printer surprises Augusta boy (Augusta Chronicle)

If you'd like to get involved or see other wonderful stories, visit

E-Nabling the Future website

Previously: Interview with young man about his 3D printed prosthetic hand Read the rest

The Paderno spiral vegetable slicer looks shoddy, but it is awesome

The Paderno spiral vegetable slicer is made of plastic and it looks like it would snap into pieces as soon as the crank is turned, but don't let its appearance fool you. This thing has a set of three sharp blade attachments that make short work of sweet potatoes (and, I assume, the sweet potato's evil cousin, the white potato).

Using one of the three blade attachments, you can shred, chip, or thinly slice vegetables. The hand-cranked operation is pleasingly, almost effortlessly, smooth.

When you are done peeling the potato, you're left with a cute non-hallucinogenic mushroom.

I tossed a couple of potatoes into a skillet with salt and coconut oil.

Then I fried the potatoes, gently flipping them from time to time, until a lot of the water burned out and I ended up with with something that looked like bacon and tasted better than bacon. This stuff is crack to me. I could eat it all day, every day.

Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer ($(removed))

UPDATE: Xeni has one and reviewed it last year. Read the rest

Image search of the day: "pets in lion manes"

Typing random thoughts into Google image search is always delightful, but "pets in lion manes" was especially delightful. Read the rest

Watch how this house's rotating rooms go indoor to outdoor

Architect Alireza Taghaboni designed Shafri-Ha House with three rotating rooms, to take advantage of nice weather and close off the rooms on wintry days. Read the rest

WATCH: Intense High Atlas Kayaking in Morocco

After unusually heavy rains, Hugo Clouzeau directed this great short with the DK Boys kayaking rarely-navigated mountain rivers in Morocco. Read the rest

Rivers are rapidly draining Greenland, new NASA-UCLA study shows

Rivers of melting glacier ice that flow over Greenland's frozen surface may be contributing as much to global sea level rise as all other processes that drain water from the melting ice sheet combined.

Watch this adorable 16-month-old baby "read" from cards

This video is four years old, and the 16-month-old kid in the video is now more than 5 years old. Wonder how his reading and comprehension continued to evolve! Read the rest

West Virginia, America's coal capital, struggles with global warming in teaching science

Recent changes made weaken the scientific integrity of what kids learn, argue teachers.

There's a lot more methane in LA's atmosphere than we thought

Los Angeles' annual emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas, are 18 to 61 percent higher than common estimates. Read the rest

Did you know we have t-shirts?

Mark has curated an incredible collection of Boing Boing inspired art which our pals at Neatorama turn into shirts, messenger bags and moleskine notepads. Read the rest

Trial of accused Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht begins. Here's why you should care.

Ross Ulbricht, the 29-year-old man accused of running billion-dollar drug bazaar Silk Road, gets his day in court today. Read the rest

Crayola's Facebook page gains thousands of new followers after it was hacked and flooded with porny jokes

The Crayola Facebook page enjoyed a flood of new followers after someone hacked its Facebook page and began posting immature sexual jokes. Many commenters said that while the jokes were inappropriate for children, they were kind of funny. Read the rest

What are the odds CENTCOM really was hacked by ISIS? Next to zero.

One fairly big giveaway: they seem to be into American indie folk-punk.

Why is boxing still a sport?

This is brutal. [via] Read the rest

Fried egg bandit baffles UK coppers

Police report: "Low key investigation with amicable resolution if admitted. A fried egg was left at the scene."

The cops who shot a homeless man have been charged with murder

Two Albuquerque police officers who shot and killed a mentally ill homeless camper last year have been charged with murder.

The encounter was caught on video that appears to show disproportionate use of force, although the Albuquerque Police Department continued to insist the shooting was justified for months following the incident.

Now the APD's luck appears to have run out. Prosecutors have announced that two officers who fired lethal rounds into Boyd's body, Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez, will be charged with murder.

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